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Game On Gladstone

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He further claimed that the Pope wanted to destroy the rule of law and replace it with arbitrary tyranny, and then to hide these "crimes against liberty beneath a suffocating cloud of incense".

In a speech to the Hawarden Amateur Horticultural Society on 17 August , Gladstone remarked "I am delighted to see how many young boys and girls have come forward to obtain honourable marks of recognition on this occasion,—if any effectual good is to be done to them, it must be done by teaching and encouraging them and helping them to help themselves.

All the people who pretend to take your own concerns out of your own hands and to do everything for you, I won't say they are impostors; I won't even say they are quacks; but I do say they are mistaken people.

The only sound, healthy description of countenancing and assisting these institutions is that which teaches independence and self-exertion".

It will be borne in mind that the Liberal doctrines of that time, with their violent anti-socialist spirit and their strong insistence on the gospel of thrift, self-help, settlement of wages by the higgling of the market, and non-interference by the State I think that Mr.

Gladstone was the strongest anti-socialist that I have ever known among persons who gave any serious thought to social and political questions.

Gladstone fixed that point lower, and was more vehement against those who went above it, than any other politician or official of my acquaintance.

His strong belief in Free Trade was only one of the results of his deep-rooted conviction that the Government's interference with the free action of the individual, whether by taxation or otherwise, should be kept at an irreducible minimum.

It is, indeed, not too much to say that his conception of Liberalism was the negation of Socialism.

A pamphlet Gladstone published on 6 September , Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East , [] [] [] attacked the Disraeli government for its indifference to the Ottoman Empire 's violent repression of the Bulgarian April uprising.

Gladstone made clear his hostility focused on the Turkish people , rather than on the Muslim religion. The Turks he said:.

Wherever they went, a broad line of blood marked the track behind them; and as far as their dominion reached, civilisation disappeared from view.

They represented everywhere government by force, as opposed to government by law. For the guide of this life they had a relentless fatalism: for its reward hereafter, a sensual paradise.

The historian Geoffrey Alderman has described Gladstone as 'unleashing the full fury of his oratorical powers against Jews and Jewish influence' during the Bulgarian Crisis —88 , telling a journalist in that: "I deeply deplore the manner in which, what I may call Judaic sympathies, beyond as well as within the circle of professed Judaism, are now acting on the question of the East'.

During the election campaign, called the Midlothian campaign , he rousingly denounced Disraeli's foreign policies during the ongoing Second Anglo-Afghan War in Afghanistan.

See Great Game. He saw the war as "great dishonour" and also criticised British conduct in the Zulu War. Gladstone also on 29 November condemned what he saw as the Conservative government's profligate spending:.

He is ridiculed, no doubt, for what is called saving candle-ends and cheese-parings. No Chancellor of the Exchequer is worth his salt who is not ready to save what are meant by candle-ends and cheese-parings in the cause of his country.

No Chancellor of the Exchequer is worth his salt who makes his own popularity either his first consideration, or any consideration at all, in administrating the public purse.

You would not like to have a housekeeper or steward who made her or his popularity with the tradesmen the measure of the payments that were to be delivered to them.

In my opinion the Chancellor of the Exchequer is the trusted and confidential steward of the public. He is under a sacred obligation with regard to all that he consents to spend I am bound to say hardly ever in the six years that Sir Stafford Northcote has been in office have I heard him speak a resolute word on behalf of economy.

In , the Liberals won again and the Liberal leaders, Lord Hartington leader in the House of Commons and Lord Granville, retired in Gladstone's favour.

Gladstone won his constituency election in Midlothian and also in Leeds , where he had also been adopted as a candidate.

As he could lawfully only serve as MP for one constituency, Leeds was passed to his son Herbert. One of his other sons, Henry , was also elected as an MP.

Queen Victoria asked Lord Hartington to form a ministry, but he persuaded her to send for Gladstone. Gladstone's second administration—both as Prime Minister and again as Chancellor of the Exchequer till —lasted from June to June He originally intended to retire at the end of , the 50th anniversary of his entry into politics, but did not do so.

Historians have debated the wisdom of Gladstone's foreign-policy during his second ministry. His term saw the end of the Second Anglo-Afghan War , the First Boer War , and the war against the Mahdi in Sudan.

On 11 July , Gladstone ordered the bombardment of Alexandria , starting the short, Anglo-Egyptian War of The British won decisively, and although they repeatedly promised to depart in a few years, the actual result was British control of Egypt for four decades, largely ignoring Ottoman nominal ownership.

France was seriously unhappy, having lost control of the canal that it built and financed and had dreamed of for decades.

Gladstone's role in the decision to invade was described as relatively hands-off, and the ultimate responsibility was borne by certain members of his cabinet such as Lord Hartington, Secretary of State for India, Thomas Baring, 1st Earl of Northbrook , First Lord of the Admiralty, Hugh Childers , Secretary of State for War, and Granville Leveson-Gower, 2nd Earl Granville , the Foreign Secretary.

Historian A. Taylor says that the seizure of Egypt "was a great event; indeed, the only real event in international relations between the Battle of Sedan and the defeat of Russia in the Russo-Japanese war.

The British occupation of Egypt altered the balance of power. It not only gave the British security for their route to India, it made them masters of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

It made it unnecessary for them to stand in the front line against Russia at the Straits And thus prepared the way for the Franco-Russian Alliance ten years later.

Gladstone and the Liberals had a reputation for strong opposition to imperialism, so historians have long debated the explanation for this reversal of policy.

The most influential was a study by John Robinson and Ronald Gallagher, Africa and the Victorians Which focused on The Imperialism of Free Trade and was promoted by the Cambridge School of historiography.

They argue there was no long-term Liberal plan in support of imperialism. Instead they saw the urgent necessity to act to protect the Suez Canal in the face of what appeared to be a radical collapse of law and order, and a nationalist revolt focused on expelling the Europeans, regardless of the damage it would do to international trade and the British Empire.

Gladstone's decision came against strained relations with France, and maneuvering by "men on the spot" in Egypt. Critics such as Cain and Hopkins have stressed the need to protect large sums invested by British financiers and Egyptian bonds, while downplaying the risk to the viability of the Suez Canal.

Unlike the Marxists, they stress "gentlemanly" financial and commercial interests, not the industrial capitalism that Marxists believe was always central.

In he established the Irish Coercion Act , which permitted the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to detain people for as "long as was thought necessary", as there was rural disturbance in Ireland between landlords and tenants as Cavendish , the Irish Secretary, had been assassinated by Irish rebels in Dublin.

Parliamentary reform continued with the Redistribution of Seats Act Gladstone was increasingly uneasy about the direction in which British politics was moving.

In a letter to Lord Acton on 11 February , Gladstone criticised Tory Democracy as "demagogism" that "put down pacific, law-respecting, economic elements that ennobled the old Conservatism" but "still, in secret, as obstinately attached as ever to the evil principle of class interests".

He found contemporary Liberalism better, "but far from being good". Gladstone claimed that this Liberalism's "pet idea is what they call construction,—that is to say, taking into the hands of the state the business of the individual man".

Both Tory Democracy and this new Liberalism, Gladstone wrote, had done "much to estrange me, and had for many, many years". Historian Sneh Mahajan has concluded, "Gladstone's second ministry remained barren of any achievement in the domestic sphere.

It arrived in January two days after a massacre killed thousands. The disaster proved a major blow to Gladstone's popularity. Queen Victoria sent him a telegram of rebuke which found its way into the press.

Critics said Gladstone had neglected military affairs and had not acted promptly enough to save the besieged Gordon. Critics inverted his acronym, "G.

He resigned as Prime Minister in June and declined Queen Victoria's offer of an earldom. The Hawarden Kite was a December press release by Gladstone's son and aide Herbert Gladstone announcing that he had become convinced that Ireland needed a separate parliament.

Irish Nationalists, led by Charles Parnell 's Irish Parliamentary Party , held the balance of power in Parliament.

Gladstone's conversion to Home Rule convinced them to switch away from the Conservatives and support the Liberals using the 86 seats in Parliament they controlled.

The main purpose of this administration was to deliver Ireland a reform which would give it a devolved assembly, similar to those which would be eventually put in place in Scotland and Wales in In Gladstone's party allied with Irish Nationalists to defeat Lord Salisbury 's government.

Gladstone regained his position as Prime Minister and combined the office with that of Lord Privy Seal. During this administration he first introduced his Home Rule Bill for Ireland.

The issue split the Liberal Party a breakaway group went on to create the Liberal Unionist party and the bill was thrown out on the second reading, ending his government after only a few months and inaugurating another headed by Lord Salisbury.

Gladstone, says his biographer, "totally rejected the widespread English view that the Irish had no taste for justice, common sense, moderation or national prosperity and looked only to perpetual strife and dissension".

A large faction of Liberals, led by Joseph Chamberlain , formed a Unionist faction that supported the Conservative party. Whenever the Liberals were out of power, home rule proposals languished.

Gladstone supported the London dockers in their strike of After their victory he gave a speech at Hawarden on 23 September in which he said: "In the common interests of humanity, this remarkable strike and the results of this strike, which have tended somewhat to strengthen the condition of labour in the face of capital, is the record of what we ought to regard as satisfactory, as a real social advance [that] tends to a fair principle of division of the fruits of industry".

On 23 October at Southport , Gladstone delivered a speech where he said that the right to combination, which in London was "innocent and lawful, in Ireland would be penal and Gladstone believed that the right to combination used by British workers was in jeopardy when it could be denied to Irish workers.

On 11 December Gladstone said that: "It is a lamentable fact if, in the midst of our civilisation, and at the close of the nineteenth century, the workhouse is all that can be offered to the industrious labourer at the end of a long and honourable life.

I do not enter into the question now in detail. I do not say it is an easy one; I do not say that it will be solved in a moment; but I do say this, that until society is able to offer to the industrious labourer at the end of a long and blameless life something better than the workhouse, society will not have discharged its duties to its poorer members".

Very large propositions, involving, some of them, very novel and very wide principles, have been submitted to the public, for the purpose of securing such a provision by means independent of the labourer himself Gladstone wrote on 16 July in autobiographica that "In the Government Gladstone wrote to Herbert Spencer , who contributed the introduction to a collection of anti-socialist essays A Plea for Liberty , , that "I ask to make reserves, and of one passage, which will be easily guessed, I am unable even to perceive the relevancy.

But speaking generally, I have read this masterly argument with warm admiration and with the earnest hope that it may attract all the attention which it so well deserves".

The general election of resulted in a minority Liberal government with Gladstone as Prime Minister. The electoral address had promised Irish Home Rule and the disestablishment of the Scottish and Welsh Churches.

The House of Lords defeated the bill by voting against by votes to 41 on 8 September. The Elementary Education Blind and Deaf Children Act, passed in , required local authorities to provide separate education for blind and deaf children.

Conservative MP Colonel Howard Vincent questioned Gladstone in the Commons on what his government would do about unemployment on 1 September Gladstone replied:.

I cannot help regretting that the honourable and gallant Gentleman has felt it his duty to put the question. It is put under circumstances that naturally belong to one of those fluctuations in the condition of trade which, however unfortunate and lamentable they may be, recur from time to time.

Undoubtedly I think that questions of this kind, whatever be the intention of the questioner, have a tendency to produce in the minds of people, or to suggest to the people, that these fluctuations can be corrected by the action of the Executive Government.

Anything that contributes to such an impression inflicts an injury upon the labouring population. In December , an Opposition motion proposed by Lord George Hamilton called for an expansion of the Royal Navy.

Gladstone opposed increasing public expenditure on the naval estimates, in the tradition of free trade liberalism of his earlier political career as Chancellor.

All his Cabinet colleagues believed in some expansion of the navy. He declared in the Commons on 19 December that naval rearmament would commit the government to expenditure over a number of years and would subvert "the principle of annual account, annual proposition, annual approval by the House of Commons, which In a fragment of autobiography dated 25 July , Gladstone denounced the tax as.

I do not object to the principle of graduated taxation: for the just principle of ability to pay is not determined simply by the amount of income But, so far as I understand the present measure of finance from the partial reports I have received, I find it too violent.

It involves a great departure from the methods of political action established in this country, where reforms, and especially financial reforms, have always been considerate and even tender I do not yet see the ground on which it can be justly held that any one description of property should be more heavily burdened than others, unless moral and social grounds can be shown first: but in this case the reasons drawn from those sources seem rather to verge in the opposite direction, for real property has more of presumptive connection with the discharge of duty than that which is ranked as personal For the sudden introduction of such change there is I think no precedent in the history of this country.

And the severity of the blow is greatly aggravated in moral effect by the fact that it is dealt only to a handful of individuals.

Gladstone had his last audience with Queen Victoria on 28 February and chaired his last Cabinet on 1 March—the last of he had chaired.

On that day he gave his last speech to the House of Commons, saying that the government would withdraw opposition to the Lords' amendments to the Local Government Bill "under protest" and that it was "a controversy which, when once raised, must go forward to an issue".

The Queen did not ask Gladstone who should succeed him, but sent for Lord Rosebery Gladstone would have advised on Lord Spencer.

He was not offered a peerage, having earlier declined an earldom. Gladstone is both the oldest person to form a government—aged 82 at his appointment—and the oldest person to occupy the Premiership—being 84 at his resignation.

On 8 January , in conversation with L. Tollemache, Gladstone explained that: "I am not so much afraid of Democracy or of Science as of the love of money.

This seems to me to be a growing evil. Also, there is a danger from the growth of that dreadful military spirit". On 2 January , Gladstone wrote to Francis Hirst on being unable to draft a preface to a book on liberalism: "I venture on assuring you that I regard the design formed by you and your friends with sincere interest, and in particular wish well to all the efforts you may make on behalf of individual freedom and independence as opposed to what is termed Collectivism".

In the early months of , Gladstone and his wife stayed in Cannes. Gladstone met Queen Victoria, and she shook hands with him for to his recollection the first time in the 50 years he had known her.

One Sunday, returning from the altar rail, the old, partially blind man stumbled at the chancel step. One of the clergy sprang involuntarily to his assistance, but retreated with haste, so withering was the fire which flashed from those failing eyes.

At a dinner in November with Edward Hamilton, his former private secretary, Hamilton noted that "What is now uppermost in his mind is what he calls the spirit of jingoism under the name of Imperialism which is now so prevalent".

Gladstone riposted "It was enough to make Peel and Cobden turn in their graves". On the advice of his doctor Samuel Habershon in the aftermath of an attack of facial neuralgia , Gladstone stayed at Cannes from the end of November to mid-February He gave an interview for The Daily Telegraph.

On 22 March, he retired to Hawarden Castle. Despite being in pain he received visitors and quoted hymns, especially Cardinal Newman 's " Praise to the Holiest in the Height ".

His last public statement was dictated to his daughter Helen in reply to receiving the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford's "sorrow and affection": "There is no expression of Christian sympathy that I value more than that of the ancient University of Oxford, the God-fearing and God-sustaining University of Oxford.

I served her perhaps mistakenly, but to the best of my ability. My most earnest prayers are hers to the uttermost and to the last". After 18 April he did not come down to the ground floor but still came out of bed to lie on the sofa.

The Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane George Wilkinson recorded when he ministered to him along with Stephen Gladstone:. Shall I ever forget the last Friday in Passion Week, when I gave him the last Holy Communion that I was allowed to administer to him?

It was early in the morning. He was obliged to be in bed, and he was ordered to remain there, but the time had come for the confession of sin and the receiving of absolution.

Out of his bed he came. Alone he knelt in the presence of his God till the absolution has been spoken, and the sacred elements received. Gladstone died on 19 May at Hawarden Castle, Hawarden, aged He had been cared for by his daughter Helen who had resigned her job to care for her father and mother.

Balfour giving notice for an Address to the Queen praying for a public funeral and a public memorial in Westminster Abbey. The day after, both Houses of Parliament approved of the Address and Herbert Gladstone accepted a public funeral on behalf of the Gladstone family.

Gladstone's intensely religious mother was an evangelical of Scottish Episcopal origins, [] and his father joined the Church of England , having been a Presbyterian when he first settled in Liverpool.

As a boy William was baptised into the Church of England. He rejected a call to enter the ministry, and on this his conscience always tormented him.

In compensation he aligned his politics with the evangelical faith in which he fervently believed. His book The State in its Relations with the Church argued that England had neglected its great duty to the Church of England.

He announced that since that church possessed a monopoly of religious truth, nonconformists and Roman Catholics ought to be excluded from all government positions.

The historian Thomas Babington Macaulay and other critics ridiculed his arguments and refuted them. Sir Robert Peel , Gladstone's chief, was outraged because this would upset the delicate political issue of Catholic Emancipation and anger the Nonconformists.

Gladstone altered his approach to religious problems, which always held first place in his mind. Before entering Parliament he had already substituted a high church Anglican attitude, with its dependence on authority and tradition, for the evangelical outlook of his boyhood, with its reliance upon the direct inspiration of the Bible.

In middle life he decided that the individual conscience would have to replace authority as the inner citadel of the Church. That view of the individual conscience affected his political outlook and changed him gradually from a Conservative into a Liberal.

Gladstone's early attempts to find a wife proved unsuccessful, with his being rejected by Caroline Eliza Farquhar daughter of Sir Thomas Harvie Farquhar, 2nd Baronet in , and by Lady Frances Harriet Douglas daughter of George Douglas, 17th Earl of Morton in The following year, having met her in at the London home of Old Etonian friend and then fellow-Conservative MP James Milnes Gaskell , [] he married Catherine Glynne , to whom he remained married until his death 59 years later.

They had eight children together:. Gladstone's eldest son William known as "Willy" to distinguish him from his father , and youngest, Herbert , both became Members of Parliament.

William Henry predeceased his father by seven years. Gladstone's private secretary was his nephew Spencer Lyttelton. Two of Gladstone's sons and a grandson, William Glynne Charles Gladstone , followed him into parliament, making for four generations of MPs in total.

One of his collateral descendants , George Freeman , has been the Conservative Member of Parliament for Mid Norfolk since Sir Albert Gladstone, 5th baronet and Sir Charles Gladstone, 6th baronet from whom the 7th and 8th baronets are descended were also grandsons.

The historian H. Matthew states that Gladstone's chief legacy lay in three areas: his financial policy, his support for Home Rule devolution that modified the view of the unitary state of the United Kingdom and his idea of a progressive, reforming party broadly based and capable of accommodating and conciliating varying interests, along with his speeches at mass public meetings.

Notable as the Gladstonian reforms had been, they had almost all remained within the 19th-century Liberal tradition of gradually removing the religious, economic and political barriers that prevented men of varied creeds and classes from exercising their individual talents in order to improve themselves and their society.

As the third quarter of the century drew to a close, the essential bastions of Victorianism still held firm: respectability; a government of aristocrats and gentlemen now influenced not only by middle-class merchants and manufacturers but also by industrious working people: a prosperity that seemed to rest largely on the tenets of laissez-faire economics; and a Britannia that ruled the waves and many a dominion beyond.

Lord Acton wrote in that he considered Gladstone one "of the three greatest Liberals" along with Edmund Burke and Lord Macaulay.

In the Liberal Chancellor David Lloyd George introduced his " People's Budget ", the first budget which aimed to redistribute wealth. The Liberal statesman Lord Rosebery ridiculed it by asserting Gladstone would reject it, "Because in his eyes, and in my eyes, too as his humble disciple, Liberalism and Liberty were cognate terms; they were twin-sisters.

Lloyd George had written in that the Liberals were "carving the last few columns out of the Gladstonian quarry". Lloyd George said of Gladstone in "What a man he was!

Head and shoulders above anyone else I have ever seen in the House of Commons. I did not like him much. He hated Nonconformists and Welsh Nonconformists in particular and he had no real sympathy with the working classes.

But he was far and away the best Parliamentary speaker I have ever heard. He was not so good in exposition. They often compared Lloyd George unfavourably with Gladstone.

Writing in the classical liberal economist Friedrich Hayek said of the change in political attitudes that had occurred since the Great War: "Perhaps nothing shows this change more clearly than that, while there is no lack of sympathetic treatment of Bismarck in contemporary English literature, the name of Gladstone is rarely mentioned by the younger generation without a sneer over his Victorian morality and naive utopianism".

In the latter half of the 20th century Gladstone's economic policies came to be admired by Thatcherite Conservatives.

Margaret Thatcher proclaimed in "We have a duty to make sure that every penny piece we raise in taxation is spent wisely and well.

For it is our party which is dedicated to good housekeeping—indeed, I would not mind betting that if Mr. Gladstone were alive today he would apply to join the Conservative Party".

And I mean the liberalism of Mr Gladstone, not of the latter-day collectivists". Taylor wrote:. William Ewart Gladstone was the greatest political figure of the nineteenth century.

I do not mean by that that he was necessarily the greatest statesman, certainly not the most successful. What I mean is that he dominated the scene.

Historical writers have often played Disraeli and Gladstone against each other as great rivals. Indeed initially they were both loyal to the Tory party, the Church and the landed interest.

Although their paths diverged over the repeal of the Corn Laws in and later over fiscal policy more generally, it was not until the later s that their differences over parliamentary reform, Irish and Church policy assumed great partisan significance.

Even then their personal relations remained fairly cordial until their dispute over the Eastern Question in the later s.

Thomas Edison 's European agent, Colonel Gouraud, recorded Gladstone's voice several times on phonograph.

The accent on one of the recordings is North Welsh. The National Library of Wales holds many pamphlets that were sent to Gladstone during his political career.

These pamphlets show the concerns of people from all strands of society and together form a historical resource of the social and economical conditions of mid to late nineteenth century Britain.

Many of the pamphlets bear the handwriting of Gladstone, which provides direct evidence of Gladstone's interest in various topics.

Statue at Aldwych , London, near to the Royal Courts of Justice and opposite Australia House. Statue in Albert Square, Manchester , Manchester.

Statue on the Gladstone Monument in Coates Crescent Gardens, Edinburgh. These movie screenings are especially for parents to bring their young children, without worrying about upsetting other patrons.

The sessions will be clearly advertised so everyone in there will know that small children will be present, and they may be making some noise.

These sessions will run during school term time only. Live Theatre Cinema. This brand-new initiative has developed from a partnership between Australian National Theatre Company with cinemas all over Australia to bring the experience of live theatre to regional areas.

The Live Theatre Cinema session will see a stage play shown on the big screen at Gladstone Cinema. Keep an eye out for Live Theatre Cinema session times in the future.

Gold Room.

They spent their savings on drink to Bayer 04 De the favourable opinion of publicans and therefore further employment. The Liberal statesman Lord Rosebery ridiculed it by asserting Gladstone would reject it, "Because in his eyes, and in my eyes, too as his humble disciple, Online Spiele FГјr Kinder and Liberty were cognate terms; they were twin-sisters. Retrieved 13 October And I mean the liberalism of Mr Gladstone, not of the latter-day collectivists". A second pamphlet followed in Feba defence of the earlier pamphlet and a reply to his critics, entitled Vaticanism: an Answer to Reproofs and Replies. Inhis leadership led to the passage of laws restructuring the High Courts. That view of the individual conscience affected his political outlook and changed him gradually from a Conservative into a Liberal. The Opium Wars: The Addiction of One Empire and the Shark Poker of Another. Gladstone's intensely religious mother Eurojackpot 17.07 20 an evangelical of Scottish Episcopal origins, [] and his father joined the Church of Englandhaving been a Presbyterian when he first settled in Liverpool. London: Saturday Lotto Australia Results Murray.

Die Auszahlungen Shark Poker schnell Shark Poker, tun wir dies. - Featured Publications

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