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LAS VEGAS, June 22, /PRNewswire/ -- SciPlay Corporation (NASDAQ: SCPL) ("SciPlay" or the "Company") has acquired Come2Play, Ltd. ("Come2Play"​. - Backgammon free game online! Play free multiplayer games with over 10 million Backgammon Live players around the world! #1 Backgammon. Come2play. Gefällt Mal. its a online sober and entertaining game can play games and make online friends too.

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LAS VEGAS, June 22, /PRNewswire/ -- SciPlay Corporation (NASDAQ: SCPL) ("SciPlay" or the "Company") has acquired Come2Play, Ltd. ("Come2Play"​. Lade Apps von Come2Play, unter anderem Solitaire Pets (Solitär), Backgammon ⋙, Solitaire Pets Adventure und viele mehr. Come2play. Gefällt Mal. its a online sober and entertaining game can play games and make online friends too.

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News Analysen Experten Kolumnen ATX News. Connect automatically to a growing number of advertisers and demand-side platforms through MoPub Marketplace, the largest RTB exchange for mobile apps. Play games at your own pace and play as many Come2play as you want! Key Differentiator Integrated advertising before Come2Play games Be in front of users Wie Erstellt Man Einen Screenshot they interact with Come2Plays social features. Based in Berlin, Wooga makes the coolest social Moobile for Facebook, Smartphones and Tablets. Find Come2Play software downloads at CNET, the most comprehensive source for safe, trusted, and spyware-free downloads on the Web. Come2Play. 12, likes · 3 talking about this. Come2Play develops and manages social multiplayer games enjoyed by casual game players from around the purpleworldmusic.comers: 12K. Come2Play. Me gusta · 5 personas están hablando de esto. Come2Play develops and manages social multiplayer games enjoyed by casual game players from around the world.

You'll also need to apply it to the appropriate match parameters. Type Name Description , - - Param No.

If not supplied, default will be login and all match parameters will be ignored. If not supplied, we will perform auto-matching between two available players.

Allowed range is If not supplied, default is "0". If not supplied , default is "1" Backgammon. And you want to perform a Chess match between two of your players.

The chosen stakes are tokens and these are the players:. You'll need to send each player his own Game Window SSO URL. The URL for Player 1 will contain the following parameters:.

Pass all Player 1 parameters to Channel- SSO URL inside the game window iFrame. Finally, apply all Player 2 parameters to Channel- SSO URL inside the game window iFrame.

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McAfee Endpoint Encryption-PC Installation Procedures. ManageBac User Group Conference Hong Kong - Company Update. By abdulla alamin.

By bbaacckkggaammoonn. The rolls ARE rigged. The developers may be accurate when they say the number of doubles is equal for all players.

But, they have rigged doubles so they hit when they are bad for you or when the game is already mathematically over.

They have also rigged it so getting in off the bar is far less likely than a random roll distribution. I suspect many opponents are computerized and not real people.

Bottom line, the game graphics are great, but if you buy coins, the game will drain you with bad rolls and via the house take on all your wins. Dishonest developers Jul 3, By Misu Almost always hits on or Luckily, I know the secret to add coins without ever having to buy them.

After posting this got the exact same response everyone else gets about their. Ironic that they even use a bot to reply?

See all 2 reviews. See all 1 reviews. Doesn't overwhelm me with ads I think I've only received ads for in game purchases , and it's active enough that there is someone out there in the world who will play backgammon with you any time of day or night.

The dice algorithm could use a little work, which is my only major complaint. Gameplay is mostly fair and consistent, but the dice do tend to favor an established losing or winning streak.

No matter how skilled you are at the game, they make it in such a way that you HAVE to uncover yourself. Don't download. Don't play.

There are better out there. Load 10 More Loading Fun Jan 4, By Matt Crush. Always able to find an opponent.

Fun Jan 3, By Bucky Backgammon Jan 2, By gayelyn. Fun to play. Great game Jan 2, By kodsis. Great game very entertaining game Love it. Love this game Jan 1, By missbeezly.

Good game. Great backgammon app! Jan 1, By Jim Jonza. Live players, crisp action! Fair Play Jan 1, By Mercy be.

This version of backgammon is really award winning since players can not leave game when they are losing without penalties.

Plus, I really enjoy the time limits for making moves. Ample time is given for contemplation but the game continues to be played at a lively place.

But the most entertaining part is reaching new levels and meeting challenges. Playing online with a real person is invigorating; I had spent three years playing against the computer, learned a lot, but this week my lovely daughter got this novice computer user on-line and boy am I ready to put my skills to work, and but of course, you know this senior enjoys free activities.

Dec 28, By Wiscookie. It does take the fun away. Also I have had several high rating newbies drop out when losing.

Thus the high rating. Mary Dec 28, By JMHoll. It is fun to play. Best game ever Dec 28, By S7even Terrible Oct 18, By Joannfc.

I play in real time a lot and never would there be allowed some of the things that happen on this one. By zahra karim. When I start this game I was so happy with it but now I'm very sad and nervous.

My problem is when I start playing with bet 2, and after bidding for and winning in the end of the game. Only coins but it is necessary to get 5, even when I choose different BETS like , ,, even with the special boards they jusy gave me or with this issue I had lost about and I had this problem almost 2 weeks.

Great for a reasonable price Sep 19, By AlanHHISC. This game seems to be up all the time and working fine. PlayGem, however has big problems.

The cube it shows is often wrong and PlayGem is frequently down. Excellent gameplay Oct 25, By hintmeade. And it gets better with each update!

One thing though I have purchased the coins, during my time as a user, and there have been games where it locks up due to connectivity issues and I lose the game and the coins for the bet on the game.

THAT pisses me off because I had been winning the game and the coins are gone. All I. All, I still like the ability to play with an international crowd at a competitive level.

Playing with friends Dec 7, By Howlepino girl. I use to love playing with friends but now the lowest bet is and I can only play a couple of games with no doubling.

Hate this part wish you would lower bet to at least Otherwise I would give your game 5 stars because I love backgammon but hardly play now. Thank you for listening and lowering bet levels when playing with friends.

A lot more fun and I will be playing more often. By Magal When you close out it takes your coins. I purchase a coin package today, received confirmation of my purchase, have not received the coins I purchased.

Still waiting to hear on any on the 4 complaints I filed with customer service. Do not waste you time or money on this app.

The new download is completely messed up. UPDATE: Months later still having the sme problem, you try to get into a game, the program gives you a opponent but never proceeds to the game.

I used to peurhase packages to play this game but will not longer support the developers of this game. Getting lucky, playing right Jun 25, By Whinneey.

I enjoy it. But make a foolish move and your opponent will make a lucky one in response. Seeing a lot of doubles for your opponent I think that aside from luck, which is a big factor, the algorithm that runs th game knows who is making wrong moves and you learn not to make certain decisions.

Great, with a few marks against Apr 18, Firstly, outstanding graphics and physics. Some games are created by novice developers and it shows.

Now, I like the ability to play against people around the world and that the computer works to match you with your skill level.

I also like the random dice rolling generation. However, I find that in the game my first token moved always moves the higher dice roll.

I want the option to select from either of my dice. I have lost a few games this way. They report nothing reaching them. Love this game. It could be improved May 26, The biggest improvements would be: 1 explain scoring either during gameplay or under info.

I hate this! Great, but some little bad parts. Mar 7, By Random Randomer of Randomness. This backgammon game is amazing, with tons of boards, quests, tournaments, minigames, and more.

One thing is, I fell like the opponent gets the luck. Although there are all of these bad parts, I like the game and play it all the time, almost have a million coins, and really like the quest-ception.

That is why I left this 4 star review. Mixed Feeling Oct 16, By JulieRags As much as I love playing backgammon, I have some reservations on the algorithm of this game.

You can pretty much predict the opponents next roll when you have a man open. Yep - they got the number they needed to get you out.

Okay, whatever I can deal with that. But really does one person roll 7 doubles in one game? Come on developers The graphics of the game are nice, being able to play at all the different tables is fun and I really like the options of dice to use.

In conclusion, game is fun and addictive but is rigged at time. PLEASE RESPOND! Help me with my math Oct 27, By Shtirliz Now, i have points.

I play the game with points bet. My opponent doubles, I accept and win the game. But my total becomes instead of Is it me?

Or your calculator is broken? Just wanted to add- just played a game. Having 64K points and played 5K points game, doubled it, continued playing and won.

Please explain what is going on??? Just strange - when i need points you sell them to me, when i win points you do not give them. Would really like to hear the explanation.

Dice are definitely rigged Feb 6, By bduerr. I was hoping for a decent online backgammon game where I could hone my gaming skills with all sorts of players.

Instead I found a game where like others have said, the system is programmed to force you into buying more chips.

There are days it seems the game is fair and I will win and lose as normal. And other days where the dice are doing everything they can to force me lose.

By several, I mean six to ten sets. I started counting because it was getting so obnoxious. This happened tonight four games in a row.

How can you play against that? All I want is a fair game and this program is not it. Careful with your coins! Apr 25, By Atlanta Seems like this app is all about the coins.

How to get them and how fast you lose them. You need to wade your way thru several pop ups that are either selling you coins or taking them before being able to play.

Once you get to a game it feels rigged, sometimes for you but usually against you. The rolls are very biased - who rolls double 5 twice in three turns??

That said it can be fun to play. Just be sure not to leave the app open. Customer service responds well to complaints Nov 19, By rosiegray4.

I am an excellent player and I usually get up over , coins but every once in a while you know I wanna play the , coins game Filter Reviews Most Helpful Most Recent 2 1.

Too Many Doubles Jan 24, By constantlosers. It is a good Backgammon game. I have played Backgammon for years and the game constantly gives your opponent way many more sets of doubles than they would get in real life.

It makes you very angry that you wasted your time playing one game after another and lose lose lose. What a waste of your valuable time. Complaints about it go unheeded.

I just played a game and lost because the game gave my opponent 4 sets of double threes and 1 set of double fours. That would be impossible in a non computer generated game.

They claim they use a random number generator. That is pure crap. Stay away! What is wrong with this game. Delete it Oct 14, By scotthudd.

I played about 50 games and there are two consistent things that happen. The first thing is when I am about to win with one piece left my opponent will end with doubles high enough to finish off the board.

Ok a lucky day in about 50 games maybe that happens 2 times. This is crazy. I just watched 15 rolls and could not get a 1 on the dice that I needed to get out.

This game is jacked up. Why does my opponent always get right out and I am unable too almost every time. The people that give a high rating are the ones who keep getting the doubles on the last roll when I have one piece left and they have four.

By Seth Thach. Worst game ever.. They make sure of it.. By Tawnya McLain. Worst unfair game I have ever played in my life.

It used to be legit but now it's not it takes your money all the time and ur playing with robots or people that really know how to play the game very very very well that work for c2p.

It's too set up look at all the reviews on how the dice rolls are but they deny it. It's all true the dice rolls are horrible competitors get doubles doubles doubles doubles.

And you get shanked. Don't fall for it. I only gave a star because you have to to write a review. So rigged Jan 5, By mtl2la. EDIT 4: Playing against bots is anything but fair.

There are several obvious signs when a player plays against a computer and NOT another player. The first tutorial given when a player plays for the first time after downloading the app clearly states that our first play is for the bigger rolled-dice number.

The computer bot does the exact opposite. In addition, when it becomes obvious that a player will lose the game and decides to resign, surprisingly we get that stupid little smiley when we all know we can use the chat feature when the game is over.

This app is a trap to take your money. The bot clearly tries its hardest to force one to buy coins. The constant copy and paste replies you leave to everyone saying the game is rigged which it obviously is, videos online proving this is childishly ridiculous.

EDIT: Got the points back but they made sure I lost them all is record breaking time by forcing me to lose every single game that were obviously rigged opponent getting multiple, back to back doubles ti win at the last second, or getting the exact numbers to build a wall and so forth.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. There are several videos out there showing how rigged and unfair this game is. Bye bye bye Do NOT spend money.

Your points will disappear unfairly. Cheats you and Steals Points. Jan 4, By famepot. Too many bugs. It crashes and closes in the middle of a game, stealing your points even if you are way ahead.

Should be illegal to ask you to pay for something and then steal it back from you. THEY HAVE TURNED THIS GAME INTO A JOKE. Awesome and amazing how rigged it is Dec 29, By cyroy Amazing game.

In games I had them knocked off and a single outside my home. It was amazing how every time they rolled the exact numbers to not only get on but knock me off.


When you double at the end of the game you always lose. Old version Dec 27, By JAR Like the older version much better. The dice are rigged Dec 24, By Nitba.

The big flaw with all these backgammon games is the dice, and especially clear where the game wants you to buy coins to continue playing. A lot of times you can predict exactly what your opponent will roll.

I can tell the future! Dec 24, By fnnope Welcome to Come2Play Social Betting Games. Meet the newest games From Come2Play.

This game is also available on:. Come2play Classic games. Challenge On! Play now. Backgammon Play now. Yatzy Play now. Chess The classic game of Chess, online and against real social gaming opponents.

Arcade Weihnachtsspiele Jetzt spielen Simulation Geschicklichkeitsspiele. Du kannst der Erste sein! Bart auf dem Skate Tiere schieben Bomb It Girl Rush FOG Powerkombi Kicks. Come2play. Gefällt Mal. its a online sober and entertaining game can play games and make online friends too. Come2Play - We develop and manage social multiplayer games enjoyed by casual game players from around the world. Come2Play | Follower auf LinkedIn Come2Play develops and manages social multiplayer games enjoyed by casual game players from around the world. - Backgammon free game online! Play free multiplayer games with over 10 million Backgammon Live players around the world! #1 Backgammon.

Come2play. - Wie komme ich zu Come2play mit dem Bus?

Since its founding, one of SciPlay's core strategies has been to bring on the best new content and supercharge it with the Company's industry leading player acquisition and revenue generation engine.
Come2play ‎Download apps by Come2Play, including Backgammon Live™ Board Game, Solitaire Arena - Card Game, and Solitaire Pets Adventure. WE CARE ABOUT YOUR PRIVACY, AND OTHER THINGS TOO. Before you start rolling the dice, please take a moment to review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, including. Come2Play Chess vs – Who Stands Out? Over 5 million members (and the numbers are still rising) love and they all agree: is the #1 place for sharing, learning, and playing chess. Here’s why: Play All You Want! Play unlimited rated & unrated games at our Live Chess Server. Come2Play - Social Gaming Networks. likes. Come2Play is a developer of innovative white-label social gaming platforms for multiplayer online flash games. The company offers players, game. Hello, and welcome to Here we provide excellent free games and animations created by registered users who have uploaded games/animations to the site instantly through our automated submission system. Play Online Backgammon with friends - the BEST online board game for FREE! See all positive reviews. Make My Partner Happy. By Jonathan Doerksen. Don't play. Show More Show Brigittaire. Zumoariku Rinkutokuarikuari. Sometimes of course I feel like its rigged. Come2play and distracting. But, they have rigged doubles so they hit when they are Dfb Pokal Auslosung Runde 2 for you or when the game is already mathematically over. Once you get to a game it feels rigged, sometimes for you but usually against you.


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